Seminar 7 Make-up information


Begin working on your Final Project

  1. Choose an organization, team, cause, family business etc... that you will create a website for.
  2. On your Neocities account, create a folder for your final project.
  3. In the final projet folder, create an index.html file and 5 more .html files. (A total of 6 .html files)
    1. The index.html file should include a brief introduction to your topic and links to all 5 of the other .html pages.
    2. One .html page should include a description of your topic, the final version should be in-depth information about your topic.
    3. the remaining .html files should include brief descriptions of what the pages will contain as well as a link back to the index.html

Turning it in...

Submit your index file to Mr. Davidson by email.

The final project that you turn in through buzz will have additonal requirements beyond what is covered here.

final project summary information